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Reviews and Testimonials


Ms. Link engages in insightful and honest dialogue with leaders. Her proven integrity and savvy gained my trust. She helped me see more facets to several complicated management issues and better solutions resulted. 

School Administrator
International Preparatory

I always appreciate insight into what motivates people whenever I take a course on life skills.  Ms. Link helped me become more aware of the different styles with which people engage in any encounter, particularly those where there are significant differences in opinion, and especially when it involves sensitive issues.  My work occasionally involves mediating conflict and Ms. Link’s techniques are very practical to implement.  I recommend her course to anyone, since we all have to deal with people with whom we will differ.


Fr. Martin Silva, SJ

Assistant Pastor

Blessed Sacrament Church

Ms. Link is skilled as a mediator and her skill translates into results for her clients.


Yano Rubinstein, Esq.

Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP

Elizabeth was able to make the parties, who were relatively sophisticated in mediation and litigation, feel that they could trust her.  In a non-challenging way, she was able to obtain difficult answers from the parties and tactfully lead the litigants to accept the less-than-strong aspects of their positions.  Without appearing to be, she was subtly aggressive and seemingly knew when to apply pressure and when not to.  Overall, the positive impression she made on my side of the case made the process worthwhile, less adversarial and productive.


N. Maxwell Njelita, Esq.

Njelita Law Offices

This was the second mediation for this matter.  The first mediator didn't get it done; Ms. Link did.


W. Samuel Niece, Esq. 


Elizabeth mediated to resolution a difficult dispute between shareholders, involving numerous 'moving parts.'  She effectively engaged my client and the other side in reaching a settlement over two difficult days of mediation.  It seemed she focused on and understood the complicated factual, legal and emotional issues involved in the case.


Gabriel Levine, Esq.

Scherer Smith & Kenny, LLP

She's amazing - the situation appeared to be at loggerheads with no way to achieve a positive outcome.  However, she helped both sides to do just that…Elizabeth's approach is very direct and honest with an emphasis on how both sides in the mediation can achieve a 'win.' 


Peggy Jackson DPA, CPCU

She was able to get all parties focused on the few available realistic solutions to our situation.  She got the parties involved to agree on the best possible solution among those available.  She very likely saved our company as other options would have inevitably led to future conflict and discord….I'm pleased to have worked with Elizabeth and would recommend her to others without reservation.

CFO of a San Francisco Corporation

Elizabeth was professional and amicable throughout the mediation.  She was well prepared and easily sifted through the posturing of the parties to get an understanding of the core issues at the outset of the mediation.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth to others.

Gary Bosch, Esq.

Law Offices of Gary R. Bosch

[Elizabeth was able] to bring the parties to common ground notwithstanding extreme resistance from counsel and parties.

Robert Aaron, Esq., Aaron & Wilson, LLP





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