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Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been negotiating your whole life. From your childhood years, when you were negotiating with your parents or siblings, through your school years, your first job and up until today, you have had a lot of experience in negotiation. However, did you know that you can learn how to negotiate better? Negotiation is a life skill and learning effective negotiation skills can help you achieve better results in your work and personal negotiations.


Negotiation Skills Workshop topics include:

  • Different styles of negotiation
  • Identifying your wants and needs
  • Positions versus interests
  • Negotiations and emotions
  • How to determine your target and bottom-line numbers
  • Expert tips on how to get the best deal


Learning how to negotiate effectively can give you greater confidence in any negotiating setting and give you better results too.


Workshop times: 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


All workshops will be held in-person at our Lexington offices or via Zoom. Once you have completed your purchase, please contact us and let us know which workshop date you would like to attend. Call us at 859-898-2000 or


The dates for our 2023 in-person workshops at our Lexington offices are listed below. 


This workshop can be customized and presented in-house for your company or organization, either in-person or via Zoom. Please contact us at 859-898-2000 or for more information.


2023 Dates for the Negotiation Skills Workshops, in-person at our Lexington offices or via Zoom (more dates will be added soon):


Friday, February 10th

Friday, March 10th

Friday, April 14th

Negotiation Skills Workshops

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